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Out of Town

Refresher lessons



Complex Junctions.


Night Driving.

Dealing with Nurves.

Dealing with Tailgaters.

Rush Hour traffic.

Driving In Bad Weather.

Please don't think that you are letting yourself down by booking refresher lessons your not.



A full driving licence but not driven for a long time. Just arrived from a country where you drive on the right. Lost my confidence there's much more traffic on the road from when you last drove, you are not alone a lot of my pupils have experienced the same anxieties as you may be feeling.

Lost confidence

No problem just book an assessment lesson. Sometimes that is all you need. If not then we can advise you on how many lessons you require to succeed and be a safe and confident driver.

Changing car from automatic to manual

If when you first passed your test it was in a manual car then it will be quite easy we just need to get your clutch control back. If you past your test in an automatic car then you need to apply for a manual driving test and revert to learner status when driving a manual car until you pass the test.

Passed test a long time ago but never driven since

Been away from driving for a while? the roads around our area have become very busy over the past 5 or so years. It can be very stressful. We also have a lot of new road layouts of which you have never seen. We can build your driving skill level up to modern standards, and allow you to have the confidence to deal with all the situations that you may come across. When we build your confidence back up, the stress levels recede and then you drive much better, you fill much more comfortable and relaxed about driving.  


I Can't park

Many people have parking problems, weather it is parking outside your house or at the supermarket, your not alone we just need to find a technique that works for you and then a little practice to build your confidence.


Due to the complex roundabouts around our area, we also offer Refresher lessons solely related to roundabouts, and bring you up to speed on how you approach and navigate around them.

For drivers who have been taught to drive on the right-hand side of the road.

I can offer you lessons that give you the confidence and experience to drive on the left-hand side of the road.


When driving a car the more relaxed, you are the better you will drive. Driving in a stressful manner causes lack of control and loss of concentration