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Learning to drive.

Over the past 10 years or so, the volume of traffic using the road system has increased dramatically, not to mention road markings and signs. Driving lessons and the driving test have changed too. You really do have to have good control of your vehicle when around others and be able to handle potentially hazardous situations that occur much more frequently for your own and others safety.

You need to be 17 to learn to drive a car; you also need a valid provisional driving license before you can take your lessons.

To apply for your provisional licence you need a D1 form avalable at your main post office.Fill in your details and send it to the DVLI the address is on the form with a passport or birth certifcate and passport size photo of yourself.

You can also apply online at the DVLI website. You can apply for your provisional licence up to 3 months before your birthday then you can book your first lessons on your birthday. great bithday present!


How many lessons?

In the 20 years or so that I have been teaching pupils to drive, the driving test has gone through many changes. Recently the DSA removed the requirement for two maneuvers. They only do one now. That means more time for driving! There is now a requirement for you to drive independently for approximately 10 mins the examiner will brief you on where he/she would like you to go with diagrams if necessary; then leave you to your own devices.

After about two or three lessons I will be able to estimate how many lessons you will need. To stand the best chance of passing first time the Driving standards Agency current recommendation is 45 hours of tuition with 22 hours private practice. In my experience, you are better off having two one-hour lessons per week; a little space between them seems to work very well.